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Attentive & Assertive Representation For Nonviolent Crimes

Last updated on September 29, 2022

What Is A Nonviolent Crime?

Nonviolent crimes are criminal offenses that do not include the injury or the use of force to another person. Examples of nonviolent crimes include citations, legal violations, property crimes and theft. While violent crime charges can be more severe, nonviolent criminal charges in Maryland can bear heavy consequences.

Even without the use of force or resulting injury, legal penalties can be severe with a lasting and dramatic impact on your livelihood. In this situation, seeking out a knowledgeable and assertive Annapolis nonviolent crime attorney can help you understand all of your available legal options.

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The Severity Of Nonviolent Crimes

Nonviolent crimes can be misdemeanors or, in certain cases, felonies. Your reputation, livelihood and personal freedom can be affected by these charges. Our nonviolent crime lawyers in Annapolis assist clients throughout Maryland with comprehensive legal knowledge and assistance by constructing sound defense strategies. We believe in communication and compassion with each of our clients because the details of every nonviolent case are crucial to a personally tailored defense.

Examples Of Nonviolent Crimes:

  • Drug charges: Possession, possession with intent, sale of drugs
  • Alcohol charges: Charges including DUI/DWI or driving under the influence of drugs (DUID)
  • Theft crime charges: These can range from shoplifting to receipt of stolen goods to robbery
  • Sex crimes: A variety of nonviolent sex crimes and prostitution

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