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Driving Without A License Is A Serious Offense

A conviction for driving without a license carries serious penalties. If you are facing charges of operating a motor vehicle without a valid Maryland driver’s license, even a first offense could lead to up to 60 days in jail, plus a $500 fine.

Traffic crimes can add up and threaten your future ability to drive and earn a living. Call Henley & Henley, Attorneys at Law, at 410-734-5536 to discuss your options to keep this off your record.

Complexities Of DWOL Charges

The penalties for a first offense of driving without a license (DWOL) can steepen dramatically for a second offense. On a second DWOL, the maximum sentencing guidelines increase to 12 months in jail along with a $500 fine. It is very important to note that even without a license, your record can be assessed points. These points can make it even harder to get your license back once the dust settles after your legal matter.

Our attorneys regularly defend clients on traffic crimes in Ann Arundel and Queen Anne’s counties, including driving while suspended and driving without a license. In approaching the defense for your DWOL case, we will examine details such as:

  • When you were stopped, and was there a legally valid reason for the police officer to pull you over?
  • During the course of your stop, were your rights violated by the officer?
  • Of the evidence used to make the charges against you, was all of it appropriately obtained by the officer?
  • Have you encountered barriers in trying to get a valid driver’s license?

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Even if the charges against you are strong or well-founded, there is often an opportunity to pursue a positive plea agreement. Our experienced lawyers give you the best chance to beat the charges or reach a favorable resolution.

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