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When a nurse gets a DUI

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2024 | Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence is one of the most serious criminal charges that Maryland motorists face. These charges are somewhat amplified when a person is in a social position of trust such as a nurse. Nurses are tasked with protecting some of the most vulnerable people in society. If they are convicted of DUI, they will need to take steps to protect their legal jeopardy as well as their professional future.

Professional ramifications

The ramifications for a nurse who is convicted of DUI are similar to those in other professions. The main difference is the potential effects from an employer. Many companies will not punish an employee for a DUI. The crime is frowned upon, of course. But it is so common that many companies are used to people being arrested at least on occasion for the offense. A nurse, on the other hand, is trusted and privileged similar to a pilot or doctor. Their employer may react by sanctioning or even firing them for such an offense. It may show poor judgment and an inability to have total control over a person’s relationship with substances.

What to do

Nurses who are arrested for DUI need to go beyond the normal set of steps that most people take. They definitely need to hire an attorney and secure the best possible legal representation. Nurses should also take the extra step of calling their employer and explaining the situation.

Transparency can help show that the person involved is committed to ethical behavior and knows what they are doing. It is possible that such an early intervention will show integrity and may help a nurse avoid firing or other significant sanctions for their transgression. It can keep an already stressful situation from spiraling out of control.