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The consequences of missing a court date

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2024 | Criminal Defense

Missing a Maryland court hearing can happen to anyone. You can forget the exact date or face an unexpected challenge that prevents you from appearing in court. Regardless of how valid your reason is, you must take it seriously.

The ramifications of non-appearance in court

No matter the rationale behind your absence from a court hearing, the criminal legal system remains uncompromising. More than forty states will impose additional penalties, including imprisonment and fines. Understanding criminal defense laws regarding failure to appear in court is crucial.

Arrest warrant

The judge in charge of your case may authorize law enforcement to arrest you for missing an appearance. This can disrupt your everyday life in many ways. Once charged, you’ll spend time in jail awaiting your next court appearance.

Harsher sentence

The judge will determine your sentence if you are guilty of a crime. Numerous judges perceive failure to appear in court as disrespecting the judicial system. Hence, the judge might impose a harsher sentence than expected. At the same time, the judge might decide to proceed with the case in your absence. This could lead to a default judgment, resulting in an automatic loss of the case.

Bail revocation

The court could revoke or raise your bail if it was previously granted. Therefore, you must remain in jail until your case is over. Consecutively, if you have not placed a bond before, your judge could impose it as a condition of your release. This means you must deposit a given amount of money to get out of custody.

It’s essential to have protection against consequences, especially potential penalties. Researching and digging deep into such matters prepares you for possible concerns.