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Are there ways to avoid a ticket if I get pulled over?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2022 | Uncategorized

If there is one thing that we can all agree with, it is that tickets are terrible. It is the quickest way to ruin a great day, getting pulled over and getting a ticket. However, here are some tips to, maybe, avoid getting that ticket when you get pulled over.

Start the stop off right, pull over

First, when you see the lights come on behind you, pull over as fast as possible. However, do so in a safe manner, and preferably with enough room for the officer to walk up to your car safely. If it is possible, a well-lit parking lot is ideal.

Make the officer feel safe

Turn off your car, turn on your cabin light and make sure your arms and hands are in full view. Do not turn around. Do not go through your clove compartment or middle console. Remember, Annapolis, Maryland, traffic stops are dangerous for police, so your goal should be to make that police officer feel comfortable, immediately.

Wait before making moves

Next, roll down your window and wait for the officer to reach your window. It is usually a good idea to roll down both your window and the passenger window, just in case they walk up to the passenger window. Do not make any moves, and wait for their instructions.

When they ask you for your driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration, find them and give them to the police officer. If they ask for you to verify who you are and if your address is correct, respond accordingly.

Excuses abuses

Annapolis, Maryland, police have heard it all, and whatever excuse you think you have, forget it. Avoid excuses and placations. When interacting with the officer, say, “Yes, sir; no, sir; yes, ma’am; and, no ma’am,” as appropriate. Say hello and be polite.

Do not feel pressured to admit to anything though. Being honest may get you a warning with some police, but if not, it will definitely lead to a ticket that you likely will not be able to get dismissed because you admitted to speeding. That is not to say you should act shocked, just nodding your head and saying okay is acceptable.

The officer is human

Remember, the Annapolis, Maryland, officer likely has dealt with a lot of stuff that day, including a lot of rude and angry drivers. Treat the officer like a human: ask them how their day is going, engage them in conversation and do not forget the small talk.

Humanizing them also humanizes you, and when you like someone, it makes it much harder to treat them negatively, i.e., makes it easier to give you a warning, rather than a ticket. Of course, none of these tips are guarantees, and you may still get a ticket.

And, if you do, often, it can be cheaper to get a lawyer than to just pay the ticket, especially when factoring in an increase in your car insurance premiums.