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Traffic violations would follow non-Maryland drivers with new law

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2022 | Criminal Defense

In Maryland, drivers are frequently cited for traffic violations. In many cases, it does not involve a law enforcement officer as cameras do the work for them. People who are said to be driving at excessive speeds or run red lights can suddenly receive a citation in the mail. Even though camera-related citations do not result in points on a driver’s license, it can still be costly in a financial sense. There are strategies to lodge a defense against these allegations and it is important to be aware of them. In the past, this was a problem that only impacted drivers who live in Maryland and the surrounding areas. If a proposal that was recently put forth becomes law, that would change.

Law would hold drivers from outside Maryland accountable for traffic violations

In many instances, drivers from outside the state are caught on a speed or red light camera committing a violation. However, the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) does not send these violators the ticket. Under House Bill 469, Maryland would share information with other states to send tickets to violators. This would not just impact people from outside the state, but inside the state as well because agreements for sharing information obviously work both ways.

Maryland residents would subsequently receive tickets for similar allegations. Failure to pay could lead to obstacles when registering a vehicle and other clerical aspects. The reality that people from outside the state do not always get their citation in the mail is not an invitation to break the law. However, if a ticket is sent, it is possible that it was sent in error, the camera itself was malfunctioning or another issue could be lodged as a defense to avoid needing to pay the fine.

Many traffic tickets can be challenged effectively to avoid needing to pay

Drivers who are not from Maryland should be prepared if this proposal passes and they are sent a ticket for speeding or running a red light and it was due to a camera stationed in the vicinity. Often, people can face financial problems due to traffic tickets. Having assistance from those who understand Maryland laws and are aware of potential concerns with these or any other types of traffic violations can be helpful in trying to achieve a positive outcome. This is true whether it was a traffic stop or a camera-related ticket. Consulting with those who are experienced in traffic cases can be helpful.