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Local man facing significant drug charges

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2021 | Drug Charges

Tips to police can lead to many issues for residents, whether justified or not. These often anonymous “helpful” citizens can have nefarious intentions and often lie about their tips. Too often though, with an ever-increasing militarized police force and over zealous prosecutors, people can get swept up, or over prosecuted. One local Glen Burnie man is now facing the repercussions of one such anonymous tipster.

The tip

According to a press release, the original tip came to the police back in July. They told the police that they believed there was drug distribution occurring on the 7800 block of Americana Circle in Glen Burnie.

The investigation and warrant execution

In just three short months, they were somehow able to gather enough evidence for a judge to grant a search warrant. And, on Sept. 9, they executed it. After which, instead of charging and prosecuting their case against the 40-year-old local, they put out a press release insinuating his guilt and specifically naming him.

The problematic press release

That press release listed the fact that they found two cell phones and $1,500, neither of which indicates a criminal enterprise. Indeed, most families have more than one cell phone and some amount of cash on hand. Most kitchens in America will have a digital scale and plastic bags. And, even though no guns were found, they felt the need to mention they found ammunition. Finally, in what is, perhaps, the most perplexing part of the press release is the indications of “suspected” crack cocaine and a heroin/fentanyl mix. If they have not even proved that anything illegal was found, why did the police and prosecution feel the need to name and shame this local man for illegal activities?

The takeaway

For Glen Burnie and Annapolis, Maryland, residents dealing with criminal charges, there is help. First, invoke the right to remain silent and ask for an attorney. Full stop. Do not participate, and if they keep asking questions, just keep asking for an attorney. Crafting an immediate criminal defense can make all the difference when one’s freedom is on the line.