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Local arrested on drug charges after traffic stop in Westminster

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2021 | Uncategorized

If there is anything that we learned from 2020 and the beginning of 2021, it is that bad can always go to worse, even if we already think we are at the bottom. This is what one local is facing after his bad day of traffic stop turned into a devastating day marred by an arrest.

The traffic stop

The Annapolis man, aged 32, was driving last Tuesday when he was pulled over by the police. According to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, the traffic stop was initiated on the eastbound lane of Md. 140 near Old Westminster Pike. CCSO claims that the man was speeding.

The search

During the stop, CCSO claims that they “observed” indicators of controlled substances and/or criminal activity. As a result, they searched the vehicle, and this is when they allegedly discovered capsules containing white powdery residue, which they “suspected” was heroin.

During the initial contact, the man allegedly told the officer that there was a piece of an AR-15 rifle in the trunk of the vehicle. After a search of the trunk, police claim they found AR-15 pieces, a handgun and ammunition.

The arrest and charges

After contacting the Maryland Gun Center, police were informed that the man was prohibited from possessing a firearm and ammunition. This, along with the “suspected” drugs led to the Annapolis man arrest. He now faces four misdemeanor charges, including illegal possession of ammunition, illegal possession of a firearm, possession of paraphernalia and illegally having a handgun in the vehicle. Currently, he being held without bail, and his trial is set for March 26 in Carroll County District Court.

Options after a police encounter

As this local has learned, traffic stops can quickly escalate. The key is mitigation and silence. Remember, anything one says can be used against them, and drivers do not have to consent to a search of their vehicle. When pulled over, one does not have to give over any information other than their driver’s license. If an officer begins to escalate the situation, call an attorney immediately and do not consent to any search.

One’s Annapolis, Maryland, attorney can speak with the police to ensure one’s rights are being protected. This does not mean that one will avoid being arrested, but it will mean that one will be in the best position possible to fight the charges.