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Man faces charges for theft, assault on a police officer and more

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Any criminal charge in Annapolis and across Maryland can result in severe consequences. Of course, some will be harsher than others. This depends on the circumstances. Often, one small incident like shoplifting items of limited value can escalate into serious charges if the person who is accused commits other acts like assault and resisting arrest. Even with the stigma attached, there could be extenuating circumstances and avenues to explore a plea agreement or getting an acquittal. A key is to have legal assistance from the start.

Man accused of shoplifting said to have assaulted law enforcement officer

Officers were called to investigate a man who was allegedly shoplifting shortly after 5 p.m. When they arrived, they confronted the man and tried to bring him into custody. He is said to have resisted arrest, assaulted the officer and tried to take her weapon. As other officers tried to help her, the man was eventually subdued and arrested. The officer was taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed as having minor injuries. The man was charged with theft of items worth less than $1,500, resisting arrest, and first-degree and second-degree assault.

Understanding the ramifications for theft and assault

Any assault charge is serious, but when it is alleged that the person assaulted a law enforcement officer, the act and its consequences will be significantly exacerbated. When the list of accusations is accrued, the person can be confronted with an extended jail sentence, fines and a radically changed life. Although it is never advisable to resist arrest, it is important to craft a viable defense and seek to mitigate the charges as much as possible. The person could have been under the influence, there might be mental issues, or there could have been other factors that impacted the person’s behavior. The intent is a vital aspect of the case. If the person does not have a violent history or there is another explanation, this could help with the defense.

Legal assistance is essential to deal with criminal charges

Regardless of the accusations, it is wise to consult with an experienced criminal defense legal professional from the start. There could be a plea bargain to reduce the charges. Or the case could be questionable with limited evidence. This may help with an acquittal on some or all charges. Before anything, calling for advice is key and should be done immediately to prepare a comprehensive defense, especially when the person is charged with assaulting a police officer.