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Be aware of these four types of Internet crimes

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2020 | Uncategorized

The Internet has become so common place that many people in the Annapolis area search the Internet for information, send emails and post messages on social media platforms without thinking much about whether doing so is safe. However, there are a variety of Internet crimes that can be committed, leading to serious consequences for those accused of them. The following is a brief overview of four types of Internet crimes.

Data breaches

A data breach occurs when data is moved from a secure location to an untrusted location. Generally, this involves protected information being copied or stolen by a person who does not have the authority to access this information.


Malware/Scareware is software that is developed do cause damage to computer systems or disable them. Oftentimes the perpetrators of such crimes use scare tactics to try to obtain funds from the victims of their alleged attack.


Spoofing takes place when an email is forged to look like it was sent by a person other than the spoofer. Phishing takes place when an email is sent that falsely claims to come from a legitimate business with the intention of making the recipient of the email to provide the phisher with personal information after being directing to visit a specific website that is not genuine.


This is a specific type of malware that targets weaknesses in networks with the intention of denying availability of critical data. When the alleged victim of the ransomware finds they cannot access their data, the alleged perpetrator will demand they pay a ransom in order for the alleged victim to regain access to the denied information.

Internet crimes are white collar crimes

It is a mistake to assume that Internet crimes are victimless crimes because they are not violent crimes. Ultimately, Internet crimes are white collar crimes, and will be prosecuted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). A conviction can lead to fines and jail time. Therefore, those accused of Internet crimes will want to seek legal advice, which this post does not provide.