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Off-duty cop found passed out, arrested for DUI

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2020 | Uncategorized

Allegations of driving under the influence can be lodged against anyone throughout Maryland. That includes those who are tasked with enforcing the law. While drunk driving is undoubtedly serious, it is important to remember that simply being arrested for DUI does not automatically mean the person is guilty. Regardless of the circumstances, it is imperative for those who are arrested to have a solid defense not just to try and avoid the legal penalties, but the professional and personal consequences as well.

Off-duty officer faces DUI charges after passing out

A police officer who was found outside a convenience store lying next to his vehicle was arrested for driving while impaired by alcohol and driving under the influence. He had gotten sick and passed out. His off-duty handgun was also missing. Investigating officers searched the area for the gun, but were unsuccessful in locating it. The officer had a previous incident in which he had been arrested for DUI nearly three years ago. However, those charges were dropped because of an issue with the breath test. He has been suspended from his job, but will be paid while the investigation moves forward.

Avoiding life-changing penalties for DUI requires a vigorous defense

People who are confronted with DUI charges may be incarcerated, fined and lose their driving privileges. Depending on the circumstances, these punishments can increase in severity with every subsequent conviction. For those who have a job where a DUI conviction can lead to a dismissal, it becomes even more critical to mount a strong defense. A person who has personal and professional aspirations can see them upended by a DUI conviction. This is especially problematic for those who work in law enforcement and government. Fortunately, there are strategies to effectively defend against DUI.

Legal help may be beneficial for a favorable outcome

For the police officer who is accused of DUI in this case, time is of the essence not just to combat the charges, but to make sure it does not harm his career. It is possible that there was a reasonable explanation for him passing out. As in his previous DUI case, there could be a problem with the evidence. Or there might be alternatives to explore to receive treatment for a personal issue. A key factor to a successful defense is having legal assistance. A firm with a history of helping people with drunk driving cases and other areas of criminal defense should be consulted for advice and guidance.