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Criminal investigation in Maryland results in 15 indictments

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

Law enforcement officials in Maryland don’t just react when crimes are allegedly committed. They also plan investigations to attempt to “break up” large-scale operations. And, when they do so, those investigations usually result in numerous arrests and indictments. That appears to be the result of a recent law enforcement operation that occurred in Maryland, codenamed “Operation Too Close for Comfort.”

According to the reports, 15 people have been indicted in connection with the investigation. The reports state that all of the individuals who were indicted were alleged “gang members.” They face charges that include various drug crime charges, as well as charges related to alleged sex trafficking. The investigation has reportedly been ongoing since May of last year. When the arrests in connection with this investigation were made, law enforcement officials reportedly seized firearms, vehicles and cash, along with various types and amounts of alleged illegal drugs.

Defense options for drug charges

No doubt all 15 of the individuals who were indicted as a result of this law enforcement investigation are now attempting to determine their defense options. However, despite the fact that all of the indictments are connected to one large investigation, each defendant’s case will have a unique set of facts and circumstances to consider. Those unique aspects of each case may give defendants different options.

Large-scale law enforcement operations are oftentimes reported in the news as “open and shut” cases of rooting out criminal conduct. But, nothing is ever that simple. The defendants in these pending cases, as well as all other defendants in Maryland who are facing drug charges, need to make sure that they are analyzing the potential options in their own unique cases.